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Thought Leadership Videos

Why Thought Leadership Videos?

Branded Thought Leadership Videos are crucial for ICT companies. They position the company as an authority in its field, building trust with customers. These videos also provide a platform to explain complex technologies and solutions, helping potential customers better understand what the company has to offer.

Finally, they strengthen the brand identity and increase visibility, leading to more business opportunities.

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Studio Based Vodcast

WM Studio's offers top-quality professional vodcast/talk show video productions. With our state-of-the-art facilities in our green screen studio in Loosdrecht, we transform your ideas into engaging digital stories.

Whether it's live streaming talk shows or producing educational vodcast series, we deliver content that resonates with your audience.

Hybrid Vodcast

Hybrid video podcasts combine professional studio recordings with video calling platforms like Zoom, where the host and possibly a guest are in the studio, and other guests participate digitally. This method enables geographically unlimited collaboration, enriches content with diversity and inclusivity, and is ideal for in-depth discussions and demonstrations.


Virtual Vodcast


The virtual video podcast is an innovative format that overcomes the limitations of geographical distance by combining studio camera images via the internet. In this format, the host is in the virtual studio, and the camera images of the guests are added to the virtual set via a broadcast connection from a green screen studio, located anywhere in the world, making it appear as if the host and guests are in the same space.

Thought Leaders Webinars Livestreams

Thought Leadership Webinars provide companies with the opportunity to share and test knowledge from their own virtual studio, fully branded and interactive with video chats, polls, and live questions. They serve as an ideal platform to inform and persuade prospects and to showcase thought leadership to a broad audience, with global reach.

The benefits are cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and provide measurable results for in-depth insight.


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