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"Practice what you preach!"

If we advise our clients to share their knowledge and expertise through a Thought Leadership Vodcast, then we should lead by example.

Because the world of video marketing and production is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, and technology in this field is advancing rapidly, we have created the vodcast series "FrameShift". We engage in conversations with various professionals in the field and discuss the art and science of video.

In this first episode, under the section "Video Technology," I'm having a conversation with Ronald Trijber. Indeed, my own brother, who has been active in the audio professional field for over 44 years and has more than earned his stripes.

"Ronald Trijber is an extraordinarily happy and grateful man who has dedicated his entire life to a hobby for which people apparently find it normal for him to send an invoice," Ronald says!

I am extremely proud of this episode, and my heartfelt thanks go out to my brother for his audio-technical and human wisdom.



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