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Datto Reference

Collaboration Since 2019


Datto has been a valued client from the start, and since late 2019, we have been successfully collaborating. WM Studio's has produced numerous webinars, talk shows, explainer videos, and corporate event videos for them. The collaboration is always pleasant and informal, with lots of laughter during the recordings.

For a reference, you can contact Hans ten Hove (Area Vice President - Continental Europe), Ariën van Wetten (Marketing Director EMEA), or Björn Leenen (Senior Solutions Engineer) of Datto Inc. They will undoubtedly provide a positive recommendation.

Why WM Studio's?


The close-knit and talented team at WM Studio's is not only highly creative but also cost-effective. WM Studio's crew members are always ready to come up with professional solutions within the budget.


WM Studio's has produced numerous corporate videos for many companies. We understand what it takes to deliver impactful video productions for your corporate event and your company.


We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. Measurement is key! This enhances the quality of the video. After all, good preparation is 75% of success!

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