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Approach Based on the 3 P's


At WM Studios, every video marketing campaign starts with a thorough plan. We meticulously identify marketing goals that support your company's vision, such as thought leadership, educational content, or lead generation.

In collaboration with clients, we develop a strategy that strengthens the brand message and effectively reaches and engages the target audience.




At WM Studio's, your vision is brought to life in high-quality video productions. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes cutting-edge technology and creative techniques to create engaging content, whether it's corporate videos, product demonstrations, or educational series.

We guarantee that each production reflects the core values of your brand and captivates your audience continuously.


In the promotional phase of video marketing, at WM Studio's, we realize that traditional KPIs such as views and watch time are important, but ultimately the impact on your marketing goals is what matters. We increase the visibility of your content and effectively reach your target audience through various channels.

Our strategies enhance thought leadership, education, and lead generation, ensuring that your investment in video marketing yields maximum returns.




Start your video adventure with our Try Out approach. Explore various video categories and find what best suits your brand for just EUR 1500. Experience firsthand how video enhances your communication. We'll guide you intensively to boost your confidence in video.


A small investment for a valuable learning experience and comfortable use of video.

Video Projects

Is video an essential part of your marketing strategy? Our project approach, starting from EUR 3,000, offers tailor-made videos for your needs and goals.

Strategic and goal-oriented, each video is carefully planned and produced for maximum impact.


V.a.a.S Subscription


For a strategic and consistent video marketing approach, our Video as a Service offers the perfect solution. Starting at EUR 1,350 per month, you can choose from various video options such as vodcasts and event registrations.

With this subscription, we completely relieve our clients of video marketing responsibilities. We consistently deliver high-quality content that aligns with the brand and meets annual objectives.


Video Marketing and Production News

Why WM Studio's?


The close-knit and talented team of WM Studio's is not only exceptionally creative but also cost-effective. WM Studios crew members are always ready to devise professional solutions within the budget.


WM Studio's has had the privilege of producing numerous corporate videos for many companies. We understand what it takes to deliver impactful video productions for your business events and your company.


We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. Measurement is knowledge! This contributes to the quality of the video. After all, good preparation is 75% of success!

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