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Event Videos

Business Events

At WM Studio's, we understand that your corporate events are special moments that need to be captured. Our passion is creating engaging video productions that not only capture the essence of your event but also increase participation and extend the event's reach.

Whether it's a corporate meeting, conference, party, or product launch, WM Studio's ensures seamless and excellent video productions for your business event.

The Ideal Moment for Video Content


At corporate events, guest interviews, client interviews, and speaker interviews are crucial elements to capture the dynamics and content of the event. Many clients and guest speakers are willing to answer a few questions, resulting in unique insights, personal reactions, and video testimonials.

These interactions, including event interviews, not only enrich the event itself but also provide valuable content for the aftermovie and social media.


Pre-event and video are crucial for building anticipation and excitement, with teaser videos and sneak previews providing a glimpse of what's to come. Sharing speaker interviews and background information via video can further increase audience interest and encourage engagement.

Video Trailers / Event Promotion

Video trailers are powerful tools to announce an event and pique the curiosity of the audience. They capture the essence of the event in visuals and music, build excitement, and immediately grab the audience's interest.

Easily shareable on social media, they increase the buzz around the event and attract a wide audience. In short, video trailers are indispensable for grabbing attention and increasing anticipation for an event.

The Live Event

During the event, videos play a central role in capturing key moments, providing a live feed for online participants, and reinforcing the message of the speakers through visual support.

Drone Footage of Event Location

With drone footage, we capture the grandeur and setting of your event location, providing an impressive and spatial overview, essential for, for example, the aftermovie.

Producing drone footage is only possible weather permitting and with permission.

Keynote Video Registration

Capturing keynote speakers with multiple cameras during an event is essential.

It provides an optimal experience for live viewers, allows absent guests to watch later, and enriches the aftermovie with high-quality footage, enhancing the impact and memory of the event.


Impression Shots of the Event


Our impression shots of the event serve as the foundation for a dynamic aftermovie and also act as potential promotional footage for your next event.

Our steadicam operator is present at all key agenda points, ensuring that no moment is missed.

Guest and/or Client Interviews

Interviews are not only valuable for aftermovies but also as standalone interviews, serving as relevant online additions to your business event. We capture insights and reactions from guests and keynote speakers with a single camera.

With our mobile multi-camera green screen studio, we provide dynamic branded content opportunities that make a difference.



After the event, videos remain valuable for extending the experience and maintaining audience engagement. Sharing highlights, recap videos, and testimonials from participants can help amplify the impact of the event and keep memories alive, while also providing an opportunity to express gratitude to all involved.


An aftermovie of your business event is invaluable. It encapsulates the highlights and provides a lasting memory of the atmosphere and successes.

Moreover, it serves as a powerful marketing tool for future events, attracting potential participants and strengthening bonds with existing customers.


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Why WM Studio's?


The close-knit and talented team of WM Studio's is not only exceptionally creative but also cost-effective. WM Studio's crew members are always ready to devise professional solutions within the budget.


WM Studio's has produced numerous corporate videos for many companies. We understand what it takes to deliver impactful video productions for your business event and your company.


We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. Measurement is key! This enhances the quality of the video. After all, good preparation is 75% of the success!

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