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Corporate Event Videoproductions

Corporate Video Production

WM Studio's specialises in the production of professional corporate videos, including company promotional videos, instructional videos, product demonstration videos, customer testimonials videos, and corporate storytelling.


They offer effective business video marketing that is both visually appealing and optimised for online marketing. With flexible and affordable options ranging from €975 to €6,500, WM Studio's ensures that each video tells the unique story of your brand. Contact Rolf Trijber for more information.


The benefits of an aftermovie?

Extension of the Event

A well-produced aftermovie prolongs the impact of the corporate event even after it's over.


Through this online content, which often receives numerous likes and comments, your event stays in the minds of your audience.


This contributes to prolonged engagement with your brand and event, further enhancing the value of your event

Perfectly suited!

During the event, your guests and speakers are often willing to participate in interviews.

These moments provide an authentic and personal addition to your "Corporate Conference Aftermovie".

They offer a unique opportunity to capture direct feedback and reactions, which enhances audience engagement.

Marketing Promotion Basics

A high-quality aftermovie is a powerful marketing tool for future events. It leaves a lasting impression on your audience, ideal for a 'Video Impression Business Event'.

By dynamically capturing the essence of your event, you maximize the attendance at your next event.

Corporate Multicamera Interviews

Your business event offers an excellent opportunity to create valuable corporate video content for your event and organization. Whether it is keynote speakers or guests, many are willing to answer questions in your unique virtual corporate studio.


With these multicamera interviews, you not only add significant value to your event but also leave a lasting impression on your guests and enhance brand engagement. WM Studio's offers this specialised service, starting at €4,500.

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